our products

sorbet chillTM is our authentic italian ice made fresh in our store. the flavor is intense and the texture is soft and velvety but you have to taste it for yourself.

the silky sweet creamy flavor of our frozen custard (also known as french ice cream) comes from better ingredients and egg yolk. while frozen custard is ice cream, not all ice cream is frozen custard. treat yourself to the best soft serve ice cream! available in vanilla or chocolate.

our sorbet creamTM is the most popular product we sell. it’s made by layering our fresh-made italian ice with frozen custard, which makes it both rich and refreshing! mix any of our 16 flavors of italian ice and have it with either vanilla, chocolate or vanilla/chocolate swirl ice cream.

from birthday parties to a special treat for the family after dinner, ice cream cakes are great for any occasion! come in and pick one up from our freezer, or order a custom cake (2-3 days in advance). check out our wide selection of decorations in our store.

we have drinks for your every mood! try our sorbet shake in any flavor combo you’d like from mango & vanilla to peanut butter & chocolate. or have a sorbet soda, where we take any flavor of our italian ice and mix it with soda. add our frozen custard to it and you get a sorbet cream soda!

there’s nothing like a sweet crepe, fresh and hot off the griddle, filled with all of your favorite fruits, nuts and sauces. make your own creation or ask us for recommendations. don’t forget to add ice cream!